We're Not #1, YOU ARE!
We're Not #1, YOU ARE!
We offer wet and dry bounces for any occasions. We also have combo
bounces which have a water slide on one side and a bouncy that you jump in
on the other. So give us a call for your next party and see how much fun you
will have!
Owned and Operated By:   Young Kids Entertainment
Call for Details (401) 369-7676
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Rock Obstacle Course
"L" Obstacle Course
Straight Away Course
Obstacle Courses
Wacky Castle
Knights and Dragon Castle
Army Combo
Combo Bounce Houses
PLain Bounce House
Race Car Bounce House
Toy Story Club Bounce House
Double Splash
Double Slip & Slide
Water Slides
Bounce Houses
New !!
 Welcome to JumpN-Fun! The company has changed ownership. The previous owner retired
from the business. Even Though there is a new Owner, we do plan following in her exact
footstep. We will be honoring all her prices, delivery, setup time, and etc. Because there is a
new owner, we do plan on offering everyone a
$25 off EVERY unit!!