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Children must be Supervised at all times.

Please read this list of rules to all children using the bounce house.


1.        Never enter the inflatable unless an attendant is present.

2.        Compatible age groups must play in unit at the same time. Age groups must not be mixed. Different sized children
must not be mixed.

3.        The bounce house is designed for children and is not recommended for use by adults.

4.        The maximum number of children allowed in the standard 15 X 15 bounce house is:

Ages 2 to 8………8 children maximum
Ages 9 to 13….…6 children maximum
Ages 14 to 17……4 children maximum

5.        All persons must remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, and anything else that may harm the bounce and or themselves.

6.        No flips or somersaults.

7.        No food or drink inside or near (within 10 feet) the bounce house.

8.        Please do not cut the plastic ties on the front of the bounce house.

9.        Please do not  tape or fasten anything to the bounce house.

10.     Do not climb on side walls, supports or net.


1.        If bounce house deflates stop bouncing and move to the front and exit carefully, Remain calm.

2.        If the motor has stopped..check the cord connection at the outlet and at the motor. Remember use of more than
one extension cord can trip the circuit breaker.

3.        If the motor continues to run- check the air intake on the side of the motor for blockage. Check both tubes on the
back of the bounce house for snugness ands re-tie if necessary.

4.        If you experience any other problems with equipment, please call the representative at the phone number on the
liability agreement.       

Call Numbers:      401-369-7676 / 401-536-0817 / 401-432-4100
Young Kids Entertainment, Inc. D.B.A jumpn-fun
Call for Details (401) 369-7676

What makes us different from the rest?
No upfront deposits to secure your rental, No cancellation fee, we don't rent by the hour we rent by the Day !!! We don't charge
you until we drop off the bouncy and it is setup, Delivery and setup and removal is included in our prices. (May require a
location Fee)

What happens if it rains?
During periods of severe weather conditions (I.E. HIGH WINDS, RAIN, ETC.) we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.
You will not have to pay if we are forced to do this. If conditions are NOT severe enough for us to cancel, we will give you the
option. If you decide to keep the unit for the term of the rental, there will be no refunds. These units have a roll up roof to keep
out light rain and they can be used open or closed depending on weather.

How do I rent one of your Bounce?
Renting a Bounce from us is simple. In fact, there is nothing for you to do but call us (401) 284-0392. That's because we
deliver, setup and pick up after your party. Our bounce rentals usually require 2-3 weeks advanced reservations.

If necessary we will provide generators for you bounce in case you need it setup in a place where there is no electricity.
Please notify us in advance if you need one and well will assist you and price accordingly.

How much are your rentals?
We are proud to let you know that our rentals are no more that the competitions 4 hour rental, We rent for the entire day with
early morning drop off. The average rental is $179- $300 with the Vortex Water Slide and Rock Wall height slightly higher.
Young Kids Entertainment, Inc. D.B.A jumpn-fun


Date_____________________        Rental type __________________________________________________

Delivery__________________       Blower____________      Condition_______________________________

Pickup___________________        Accessories__________________________________________________




Phone Numbers_________________________________________  Amount Due

Delivery: To address specified by the lessee (costumer).  Lessee grants right to enter said property for
the delivery and pickup of equipment at approximately specified times.

I understand and acknowledge that the activity to be engaged in through my rental of an inflatable,
interactive amusement device brings with it both known and unanticipated risks to myself, my guests,
and invitees.  Those risks include, but are not limited to falling, slipping, crashing and colliding and could
result in injury, illness, disease, emotional distress, death and or property damage to myself or my guests
and invitees.

I voluntarily release, indemnify, hold harmless and discharge YOUNG KIDS ENTERTAINMENT Inc.  Doing
Business As Jumpn-fun.com, and Jumpn-fun (hereinafter collectively referred to as (YOUNGS), and their
subcontracted workers and subcontractors from any and all liability, claim, demands, actions or rights of
actions, whether personal to me or to a third party which are related to arise out of or are in any way
connected with my rental of the unit including those allegedly attributable to negligent acts or
omissions.  I agree to reimburse any reasonable attorney's fees and costs which may be incurred by
YOUNGS in the defense of any such liability claims, demands, actions or right of action.

In the event that I file a lawsuit against YOUNGS, I agree to do this solely in the state of Rhode Island, and
I further agree  that the substantive law of that state shall apply in that action without regard to the
conflict of law of that state.

I acknowledge that I have adequate homeowners insurance, tenant insurance, or other liability to cover
any property, bodily injury or damage which might occur to myself, or my invitees from the use of the unit
I am renting.

Rules: Lessee agrees to supervise both the equipment and its use at all times said equipment is in the
possession  of the lessee.   Accompanying this contract is a set of directions for use and safety rules
which I agree to follow and utilize at all times during the operation and use of all YOUNGS equipment.

I agree to accept the unit(s) listed on this form for use as is and to accept full responsibility for the  care
of all equipment while in my possession.  I agree to pay full retail value of any equipment rented under
this agreement that I do not return.  I agree to pay extra rental fees for any equipment returned late.  I
agree to return all rental equipment by the date and time agreed upon in a clean condition in order to
avoid additional charges.  I agree to follow all rules stated on this agreement.  All non-payment is subject
to legal action.  Where as if found guilty lessee is to reimburse YOUNGS for attorney and court fees.  I
acknowledge and certify that I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document, that I
understand its content and that I execute it freely, intelligently and without duress of any kind and agree
to be bound by its terms.

Lessee (print) __________________________________ Sign____________________________________