YOUNG KIDS ENTERTAINMENT, Inc. D.B.A jumpn-fun Contract
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Children must be Supervised at all times.

Please read this list of rules to all children using the bounce house.


1.        Never enter the inflatable unless an attendant is present.

2.        Compatible age groups must play in unit at the same time. Age groups must not be mixed. Different sized children
must not be mixed.

3.        The bounce house is designed for children and is not recommended for use by adults.

4.        The maximum number of children allowed in the standard 15 X 15 bounce house is:

Ages 2 to 8………8 children maximum
Ages 9 to 13….…6 children maximum
Ages 14 to 17……4 children maximum

5.        All persons must remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, and anything else that may harm the bounce and or themselves.

6.        No flips or somersaults.

7.        No food or drink inside or near (within 10 feet) the bounce house.

8.        Please do not cut the plastic ties on the front of the bounce house.

9.        Please do not  tape or fasten anything to the bounce house.

10.     Do not climb on side walls, supports or net.


1.        If bounce house deflates stop bouncing and move to the front and exit carefully, Remain calm.

2.        If the motor has stopped..check the cord connection at the outlet and at the motor. Remember use of more than
one extension cord can trip the circuit breaker.

3.        If the motor continues to run- check the air intake on the side of the motor for blockage. Check both tubes on the
back of the bounce house for snugness ands re-tie if necessary.

4.        If you experience any other problems with equipment, please call the representative at the phone number on the
liability agreement.       

Call Numbers:      284-0392 / 486-1066 / 480-0403